Information on carrying medicine containing controlled substances for travelers entering or leaving Japan.


List of Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances List in Japan. new!

Narcotics/Stimulants' Raw Materials

If your medicine is in “Narcotics” and/or “Stimulants’ Raw Materials”, you need to get a permission before you enter/leave Japan.

Required Documents for Application

You need to submit the following documents.

1. Application form (IMPORT)(*for entering Japan)

2. Application form (EXPORT)(*for leaving Japan)

3. Medical certificate

You need to get a medical certificate from the doctor who prescribed your medicine. The medical certificate must include:

4. Photos of the package of your medicine or relevant documents of the medicine

We need accurate information on your medicine, especially on name and strength of it.

Application Procedure

By e-mail / FAX / mail, submit above documents to:

You should apply at least 14 days prior to your travel. In case of urgency, please contact us.


When you enter/leave Japan, you must carry your medicine with yourself.

(You can’t send your medicine to/from Japan and you can’t also entrust carrying it to other people, such as your family.)

Please show the “IMPORT CERTIFICATE/EXPORT CERTIFICATE” to an officer at the Customs.



Procedures for Import / Export of psychotropics by carrying

1) The psychotropics listed in the following Table(*3) can be imported / exported. If you intend to import / export the psychotropics equal to or less than the amount indicated in the Table(*3) (excluding injection form), you don't need a certificate written by your doctor nor the permission by authorities under the "Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law".

2) If you intend to import / export the psychotropics more than the amount indicated in the Table(*3) or those in injection form, you should have a certificate(*2) written by your doctor identifying the disease, the necessity of the drug (psychotropics) for your treatment, the names of psychotrpics and their quantities prescribed.

*1. If you import the psychotropics more than 1 month supply, please contact the following E-mail adress.

*2. Certificate should be written by the doctor who prescribed your medicine, and must include;

*3. The Table is here.

Prohibited Substances

No individual travelers can import/export medicines including the following substances, even if they are prescribed medicines in your country;


Can I bring ADDERALL (*approved in the US, for ADHD treatment) into Japan?
Amphetamine, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of ADDERALL, is controlled as “Stimulants” under the Stimulants Control Act, and cannot be imported into Japan, even for treatment purposes.
Can I bring VYVANSE (*approved in the US, for ADHD treatment, also authorized in other countries named as ELVANSE, VENVANSE, ADUVANZ, TYVENSE, etc.) into Japan?
Lisdexamfetamine, API of VYVANSE, is controlled as "Stimulants' Raw Materials" under the Stimulants Control Act.
You can import/export it into/from Japan, by getting an advanced permission.
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Can I bring medicine manufactured from Cannabis?
Using medicines manufactured from Cannabis or importing Cannabis for purposes other than research is prohibited under the Cannabis Control Act.
The term “Cannabis” as used in this Act means the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) and its products; provided, however, that the grown stalk of the cannabis plant and its products (excluding resin.) and the seed of cannabis plant and its products are excluded.
For example, you can’t import/export SATIVEX (*approved in the UK, for multiple sclerosis, etc.) and EPIDIOLEX (*approved in the US, for Lennox-Gastaut, etc.) into Japan, because they are manufactured from Cannabis.
Can I bring MARINOL (*approved in the US, for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting treatment etc.) into Japan?
MARINOL contains a synthetic THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as dronabinol) which is not derived from Cannabis, and is controlled as “Narcotics” under the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Act.
You can import/export it into Japan, by getting an advanced permission.
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