Narcotics Agents keep fighting for our safe life and sound society free from a menace of drugs.

In our society, anyone can obtain drugs with ease. This is the gateway to a bottomless pit of drug abuse, and this problem is latent in the daily lives of ordinary people. Many people start abusing drugs because of curiosity,temptation,ignorance etc and they eventually end up getting caught in a bottomless pit they might never get out of. As Narcotics Agents, we know the real terror of drug abuse and the damage it causes to abusers better than anyone else. With this fact in our mind, we use a wide net of intelligence to bring drug dealers and abusers to justice. We continue to pursue eradication of drug crime everyday in order to achieve a drug-free, wholesome society.


Narcotics Agents conduct investigation and gather information relating to drug crimes. We stay alert day and night to crack down on drug abusers and members of crime syndicates and foreign drug smuggling rings.


To monitor the distribution routes of medical narcotics and psychotropics, Narcotics Agents periodically make on-the-spot inspections at hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies and give guidance and advice to them in order to prevent diversion of these pharmaceuticals and their abuse.


Narcotics Agents provide lectures on drug abuse prevention at schools and organize public awareness raising activities in collaboration with the private sector to keep young people away from drugs. We also give counseling services to family members and friends of drug abusers, respond to calls from citizens and implement a support program for drug dependents to recover from drug addiction.