Narcotics Agents are in charge of supervising medical narcotics to maintain them on proper distribution route.

Narcotics and psychotropics are very useful as medicines. Their abuse, however, can not only impair the health of individual abusers concerned but can also disrupt abusers’ own families and immeasurably endanger public safety by leading to a variety of related crimes. To prevent drug abuse from causing harm on public health, a licensing scheme has been established under the law so that only those who are eligible can be authorized to handle these controlled drugs. With the drug handlers under control, the proper and legal distribution of controlled drugs (medical narcotics) is secured.

Those who handle narcotics, psychotropics etc are guided and supervised by such means such as on-the-spot inspections in order to prevent diversion of controlled substances into illicit distribution routes and those narcotics from being used illicitly. Narcotics Agents also weed out wild poppies and cannabis with the cooperation of prefectural governments.